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Solution 12075: Viewing the Data Collected with the Calculator-Based Ranger™ (CBR™) and the Ranger Program on the TI-89 Family Calculators.

How can I access the data collected with the Ranger program on the TI-89 family calculators?

After collecting data, follow the steps below to view the data collected by the Calculator-Based Ranger (CBR) in the Ranger program on the TI-89 family calculators:

• After the graph is displayed, press [ENTER].
• On the menu screen that appears, select 4. Main Menu.
• On the Main Menu, select 6: QUIT. The calculator will display where the different data is located:

L1 = Time
L2 = Distance
L3 = Velocity
L4 = Acceleration

• Press [2nd] [ESC] to completely exit the Ranger program.
• Press [APPS].
• Select 6: Data/Matrix Editor or select the Data/Matrix icon if the Apps desktop is active (the Apps desktop is usually active by default for TI-89 Titanium users).
• Select 2:Open.
• In the Open window, for Type, select 3: List, scroll down to variable and select the list to view (l1, l2, l3, or l4).
• This will display the one list that was selected in the "c1" column. If the user would like to see other lists along with the list in "c1", scroll up to "c2", press [ENTER] and input "l1", "l2" or "l3" (without the quotations).

For additional information on using the TI-89 or TI-89 Titanium, please take a look at the TI-89 Guidebook or TI-89 Titanium Guidebook.