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Solution 11832: Correcting an "Undefined Variable" Error on the TI-89 Family, TI-92 Family, and Voyage™ 200 Graphing Calculators.

How can I correct an "Undefined variable" error on the TI-89 family, TI-92 family, and Voyage 200 graphing calculators?

An Undefined variable error occurs when the variable referenced is not defined. 

For example, referencing a statistics variable when a statistical analysis has not been performed. If the variable is defined, then refer to the following instructions to resolve this error.

1) Press [2nd] [6] (MEM) [F1] [ENTER].
2) Select 2:Default. 
3) Press [ENTER] and Defaults Set is displayed.
4) Press [ENTER].

Once the defaults have been reset, try the problem again.

Please see the TI-89 family, TI-92 family and Voyage 200 guidebooks for additional information.