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Solution 11402: Starting the Calculus Tools Application on the TI-89 Family.

Where is the Calculus Tools menu and why do I see a normal TI-89 family menu after accessing the App?

The Calculus Tools App requires specific mode settings to run correctly. If one of these mode settings is different, the App will not run. If the App is accessed with the incorrect mode settings, a screenshot will pop up showing the required mode settings. Press [ENTER] to close.

Before starting the Calculus Tools App, set modes to the required values as follow:

1. From the Home screen, press [MODE] to display the MODE dialog box.
2. Ensure that the following modes are set as indicated:

Display Digits: FLOAT or FLOAT #(1-12)
Split Screen: FULL
Exact/Approx: AUTO or EXACT
Base: DEC
Language: ENGLISH

3. Press [ENTER] to display the Home Screen.
4. Press [APPS], select Calculus Tools, and press [ENTER].