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Solution 11401: Selecting Multiple Equations Under Different 'When' Headings in the ME*Pro® Application.

Why am I unable to select multiple equations under different 'when' headings using the ME*Pro® App?

Conditions for an equations under each 'when' clause are generally exclusive to each other.  In Beams and Columns of the Equations Section, equations for the slope of beam deflection are different depending on whether the deflection at distance x along the beam is calculated to the left side of the load (x<a)>a</a)>).  Since these conditions cannot simultaneously exist, ME*Pro restricts selection to equations under a single 'when' heading.

However, in at least one known case(Beams and Columns/Simple Beams/Point load), conditions in more than one when(...) statement can occur simultaneously. A work around is to solve the equation set in two steps, using equations under a single when(...) heading at a time and designating the results from one calculation as the input into the second. A black square marker should appear next to the variable.

To designate a calculated or previously entered value as known variable for a calculation, move the cursor to the value, press [F5], select 6:Know, and press [ENTER].

For additional information on using ME*Pro, refer to the online guidebook for the App.