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Solution 10458: Instructions for Installing the TI-92 Plus Module.

How do I install the TI-92 Plus Module?

Please follow the instructions below for installing the TI-92 Plus Module.

BEFORE BEGINING THE INSTALLATION- Save any important data by transferring it to a computer or another TI-92.

• Hold the TI-92 upright and slide the latch on the top of the unit to the unlocked position. Then slide the rear cover down about 1/8 inch and remove it from the main unit.

• With the unit ON, hold down the [ON] key and remove one of the four AA batteries. Release the [ON] key.

• Lay the TI-92 face down on a flat cushioned surface. (Placing a towel between the graphing calculator and surface will be enough cushion.)

• Loosen and remove the Phillips-head screw from the compartment cover and remove the cover.

• If a module is already in the TI-92, remove it.

• Use the flat edge of a screwdriver to gently pry under and up on the module´s lift tabs. Slightly pry up one lift tab and then the other.

• Continue until the module is loose enough to remove.

• Orient the new module so that the four positioning tabs are aligned, and then push down on the module until the module is seated firmly.

• Reinsert the batteries that were removed earlier. (Verify correct polarity.)

• Verify that the graphing calculator is operating properly. (The contrast may need to be adjusted.) If the calculator does not function, hold down [ON] and remove a battery. Then remove and reinsert the module, making sure it is seated firmly, and reinsert the battery.

• Replace the compartment cover, and then replace the rear cover. Slide the latch on the top of the unit to the locked position.