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Solution 10442: Executing TI-Basic and Assembly (ASM) Programs on the TI-86.

How do I execute programs on the TI-86?

To run a program written in TI-Basic on the TI-86:

1) Press the [PRGM] key and select [F1] for a list of program names on the calculator. Each program name should appear above one of the [F1] through [F5] keys depending on the number of programs stored on the calculator.
2) Locate the program to execute and press the corresponding key followed by [ENTER]. The program should now be running.

If the program is written in the assembly language type (ASM), follow these steps:

1) Press [2nd] followed by [CUSTOM] to access the catalog/variables.
2) Select the catalog by pressing [F1].
3) Press the [LOG] key, which corresponds to the letter A.
4) Using the arrow keys, scroll down to the "ASM(" command and press [ENTER].
5) Now press [PRGM] then [F1] for names.
6) Select the program to execute and press [)].

The display should now read:

7) Press [ENTER] to start the program.

Please see the TI-86 guidebook for additional information.