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Solution 10422: Creating Box Plots Using the TI-86.

How do I create a box plot on the TI-86?

The example below will demonstrate how to create a box plot on the TI-86.

Data for this example:
xStat: {3,5,8,10}
fStat: {7,8,14,18}

To enter the data into the TI-86:
• Enter STAT mode by pressing [2nd] [STAT].
• Press [F2] to select Edit.
• Enter the data in the xStat and fStat lists.
• Press [2nd] [QUIT] to leave the editor.

To set the viewing window:
• Press [GRAPH] [F2]
• Fill in 0 for xMin and 12 for xMax
• Press [EXIT] to return to the Home screen

To create the box plot:
• Press [2nd] [CATLG-VARS] [F1]
• Scroll to BOX, then press [ENTER]
• Press [2nd] [List] [F3], this will display the list names.
• Select [xStat] [,] [fStat], the screen will show BOX xStat, fStat
• Press [ENTER] to display the box Plot.

For more information, please see the TI-86 guidebook.