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Solution 10421: Creating and Using Strings on the TI-86.

How do I create and use strings on the TI-86?

A string is a sequence of characters that are enclosed within quotation marks. Strings define characters to be displayed in a program and accept input from the keyboard in a program.

To enter a string directly, the syntax is "string".

To concatenate or join together two or more strings, use the + sign. The syntax is "stringA"+"stringB"+"stringC"+...

To create a string variable:

1) Begin on a blank line on the Home screen or in the program editor.
2) Press [2nd] [STRNG] to display the STRNG menu.
3) Press [F1] to enter the open quotation mark.
4) Enter the string text.
5) Press [F1] to close the quotation mark.
6) Press the [STO] key.
7) Type the variable name.
8) Press [ENTER].



Please see the TI-86 guidebook for additional information.