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Solution 10417: Calculating Two-Variable Statistics on the TI-86

How do I calculate two-variable statistics on the TI-86?

The following example will demonstrate how to perform two-variable statistics calculations using the TI-86.

Data for this example:

xStat: {3,5,8,10}
yStat: {7,8,14,18}

Enter the data into the TI-86:

1) Enter STAT mode by pressing [2nd] [STAT].
2) Press [F2] to select Edit.
3) Enter the data in the xStat and yStat lists. (Note: a frequency list, fStat, can be used to save data entry time. For this example, the frequency of each answer is 1, so clear the fStat list and leave it blank.)
4) Press [2nd] [QUIT] to leave the editor.

Calculate the statistical variables:

1) Press [2nd] [STAT] [F1] [F2]; the function TwoVar will appear on the screen.
2) Press [2nd] [LIST] [F3] to see the list names in the menu.
3) Select xStat [,] yStat [ENTER] the screen will now show the two variable statistics.

Please reference the TI-86 guidebook for additional information.