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Solution 10409: Activating the Finance or the Advanced Statistics Program on the TI-86.

How can I activate the Finance or the Advanced Statistics Program on the TI-86?

Texas Instruments no longer directly provides programs for graphing calculators. You may be able to locate the programs using a web search.

After downloading and installing the Finance or the Advanced Statistics application on the TI-86, the program must be activated before it becomes operational.

Follow the procedure below to activate the application:

• Press [2nd][CATLG-VARS][F1]. Press the down arrow key to select Asm( and press [ENTER]. Asm( will be pasted on the Home screen.
• Press [PRGM][F1], Select Finance or Insfstats from the PRGM NAMES to paste it to the Home screen as an argument of the Asm( instruction. The screen should display Asm(Financ or Asm(infstats.
• Close the parenthesis and press [ENTER].
• When the Caution message displays, select to Continue with the installation.
• After the message "Done" is displayed, press the [CLEAR] key.

After the program as been activated, FIN or STAT becomes the last item on the MATH menu. To run the different functions from the application, go through the MATH menu and select FIN or STAT.

Please see the TI-86 guidebook for additional information.