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Solution 10403: Symbolic Manipulation Capabilities of the TI-85 when Computing Derivatives.

Will the TI-85 return a symbolic answer when computing a derivative?

There are no symbolic manipulation capabilities on the TI-85. The der1() and der2() functions use an exact method internally, they will not give a symbolic output.

The TI-85 has been discontinued. When upgrading, consider the TI-89 Titanium or the TI-Nspire CX CAS. The TI-89 Titanium can be easily customized by adding new functionality through calculator software applications (Apps). Like the TI-85, the TI-89 Titanium is ideal for advanced mathematics classes like calculus, engineering, and differential equations. The TI-89 Titanium is electronically upgradeable, includes symbolic manipulations, 3D graphing, statistics, and more! The TI-Nspire CX CAS is also upgradeable, includes sybolic manipulation, 3D graphing, statistics, a high resolution, backlit color display, and a rechargeable battery.