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Solution 10401: Plotting Points using the TI-85.

How do I plot a set of points using the TI-85?

The following example will demonstrate how to plot a set of points using the TI-85:

Data for this example:

xStat: {3,5,8,10}
yStat: {7,8,14,18}

1) Clear the screen then press [STAT] [F2] [F1] [ENTER] [ENTER].
2) The cursor will display after x1= 
3) Enter the value after "x1=" Press 3 [ENTER] 7 [ENTER] 5 [ENTER] 8 [ENTER] and so on...
4) Press [EXIT] [F3].
5) Select the plot type to be displayed.

Please see the TI-85 guidebook for additional information.