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Solution 10392: Transferring Programs or Data Between a TI-82 and TI-83.

What happens when data or programs are transferred between a TI-82 and TI-83?

It is possible to transfer data and programs from a TI-82 to a TI-83. However, differences between the two products may affect some transmitted data. The table below shows the commands the TI-83 software automatically adjusts to when received from a TI-82.

TI-82 TI-83
nMin PlotStart
nStart nMin
Un u
Vn v
UnStart u(nMin)
VnStart v(nMin)
TblMin TblStart

For example, when transmitting Un from a TI-82 to a TI-83, it is automatically translated to u when it reaches the TI-83.

Some differences cannot be resolved by the TI-83. The program or data must be edited to account for the differences. The TI-83 adds an open parenthesis to all prefix functions and instructions. For example, sin(, cos(, ln(, etc. The TI-82 does not have the open parenthesis attached, so this can result in extra parentheses. Sin X+5 on the TI-82 is interpreted as (sin X)+5, but when it is sent to the TI-83 in a program, it is translated to sin(X+5, therefore it is interpreted by the TI-83 as sin(X+5).

If the TI-83 receives a variable that it cannot translate, an Err:Invalid is generated by the TI-83 when it tries to execute that variable. For example, if Un-1 is sent from the TI-82 to the TI-83, the TI-83 cannot translate this so Un-1 will appear in the TI-83 program and an Err:Invalid is generated when the program is executed.

Also, implied multiplication rules on the TI-83 are different than on the TI-82. On the TI-83, implied multiplication has the same precedence as regular multiplication with the *. So, 1/2X on the TI-82 is evaluated as 1/(2*X), but on the TI-83 it is evaluated as (1/2)*X.

Transferring a Program from a TI-83 to a TI-82:

There is not a way to directly send programs from the TI-83 to the TI-82. However, TI-83 programs can be sent to a PC and from the PC to a TI-82. The instructions below will demonstrate this process.

1) Connect the TI-83 to the PC via the TI Connectivity cable. Open the TI-GRAPH LINK program and transfer the TI-83 program (*.83p) to the PC.
2) Open the program in TI-GRAPH LINK (File/Open) and highlight it (Edit/Select All, then Edit/Copy). This will copy the program listing to the clipboard of your PC.
3) Close the TI Graph Link 83 and open the TI-GRAPH LINK 82 program. Create a new, empty file (File/New/Program File). Click with the right mouse button in the right window and choose paste. This will insert the program listing from the clipboard of your PC into this new program File.
4) It may be necessary to modify the program according to the TI-82 syntax (not all TI-83 commands will be recognized by the TI-82).
5) Save the program (File/Save) then send it to the TI-82.

For additional information on the functionality of these calculators please see the TI-82, TI-83 family and TI-84 Plus family guidebooks.