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Solution 11259: Correcting an ERROR 6 on the BA II PLUS™ and the BA II PLUS™ PROFESSIONAL.

Why does an ERROR 6 occur on the BA II PLUS or the BA II PLUS Professional?

The Error 6 message that appears is due to an invalid date entered into the calculator. Please check the following causes to determine what information was input incorrectly:

1. In Bond or Date worksheets, attempted to enter an invalid date; for example, January 32nd.
2. In Bond or Date worksheets, attempted to enter a date in MM.DDYYYY (U.S) or DD.MMYYYY (European) format. Dates must be entered in MM.DDYY format.
3. In Bond worksheet, attempted a calculation when the redemption date is earlier than or the same as the settlement date.

Please see the BA II PLUS family guidebooks for additional information.