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Solution 17569: Computing the Actual Annual Percentage Rate (APR) with Points and Fees on the BA Real Estate™.

How do I compute the actual annual percentage rate using the BA Real Estate?

The following example provides instructions for computing APR with points and fees on the BA Real Estate.

Example: Assuming a $100,000 loan, 5% fixed-term interest, 30-year term, and miscellaneous loan fees of $1,000 plus 2 points, find the APR.

• Press [2nd][CLR TVM] to clear previous values
• Press [2nd][P/Y][1][2][=] [=]to set the P/Y and C/Y at 12
• Enter [3][0] then press [TERM]
• Enter [1][0][0][0][0][0] then press [LOAN]
• Press [APR], enter the interest rate [5] then press [=]
• Enter the points [2] and press [=]
• Enter the total fees [1][0][0][0] and press [=]

The actual annual percentage rate is 5.27

Please see the BA Real Estate guidebook for additional information.