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Solution 11258: Calculating a Percent Change on the BA II PLUS™ and the BA II PLUS™ PROFESSIONAL.

How do I calculate a percent change on the BA II PLUS or the BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL?

To calculate a percent change, also referred to as the Delta Percentage or the Compound Growth Rate (CGR), use the Percent Change Worksheet. The example below demonstrates how to use the worksheet.


A home buyer purchases a home last year for $180,000. If the house now has a market value of $187,000, what was the percentage growth of the market value of the home during the year?


1) Press [2nd] [Δ%]. OLD is displayed which represents the original value.
2) Press [2nd] [CLR WORK].
3) Enter 180000 and press [ENTER].
4) Press [↓] to display NEW. NEW represents the value to be compared.
5) Enter 187000 and press [ENTER].
6) Press [↓] to display the %CH variable
7) Press [CPT] to compute a value for %CH which is 3.89.

Please see the BA II PLUS or the BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL guidebooks for additional information.