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Solution 11230: Changing the Decimal Setting on the BA II PLUS™ Family Financial Calculator.

How do I change the decimal setting on the BA II PLUS family calculator?

The following instructions demonstrate how to change the decimal format setting on the BA II PLUS family calculator (includes the BA II PLUS and BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL).

To change the decimal setting:

1) Press [2nd] [FORMAT]. "DEC" is displayed, along with a value indicating the current decimal setting.
2) Input the number of decimal places to be displayed (0 - 9) and press [ENTER]. The [ENTER] key is located to the right of the [CPT] key.
3) Now press [2nd] [CPT] to exit the screen

To specify a floating-decimal format, enter a value of 9.

For more information, please check the BA II PLUS family guidebook.