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Solution 11228: Changing BGN/END, P/Y, and C/Y Settings on the BA II PLUS™ and BA II PLUS™ PROFESSIONAL.

How do I change BGN/END, P/Y, and C/Y settings on the BA II PLUS and BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL?

To change to BGN (beginning-of-period or annuity due) or END (end-of-period):

1) Press [2ND] [BGN] to display the BGN/END worksheet. (Resetting the unit sets this to END, not BGN.) 
2) Press [2ND] [SET] to change to beginning-of-period payments. BGN is displayed. 
3) Press [2ND] [SET] again to return the setting to end-of-period payments. END is displayed.
4) Press [2ND] [QUIT] to exit.

To change P/Y (payments per year) and C/Y (compounding periods per year):

1) Press [2ND] [P/Y] to display the P/Y worksheet. (Resetting the unit sets the P/Y to 12 on the BA II PLUS and 1 on the BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL).
2) To change the value, key in a new value and press [ENTER]. 
3) Press the down arrow to display the current value for C/Y. C/Y is the same value as P/Y unless it is changed separately. 
4) To change the value for C/Y, key in a new value and press [ENTER]. 
5) Press [2ND] [QUIT] to return to the standard calculator mode.

Please see the BAII Plus family guidebooks for additional information.