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Solution 11226: Calculating Quarterly Payments Using the BA II PLUS™ Family Calculator.

How do I calculate quarterly payments using my BA II PLUS family calculator?

To calculate quarterly payments using the BA II PLUS family calculator, follow the example below which uses the calculator's Time Value of Money (TVM) worksheet:

Example: What would the quarterly payment of a mortgage for $75,000 at 8.5% interest compounded quarterly be with a term of 30 years?

PV = 75000
I/Y = 8.5
N = 120
PMT = ?


1) Press [2nd] [P/Y] key to access the P/Y worksheet.
2) For P/Y (payments per year), input 4 (for quarterly payments) and press [ENTER]. This also sets the C/Y (compounds per year) to quarterly.
3) Press [2nd] [QUIT] to exit the P/Y worksheet and return to the home screen.
4) Press [2nd] [FV] to clear the TVM worksheet.
5) Input 75000 and press the [PV] key. This stores 75000 to the Present Value register.
6) Input 8.5 and press the [I/Y] key. This stores 8.5 to the Interest Per Year register.
7) Input 120 and press the [N] key. This stores 120 to the N register.
8) Press [CPT] [PMT] to compute the quarterly payment. The quarterly payment is $1,732.71.

Please Note: The payment is displayed as -1,732.71 because it is a negative cashflow and considered money out of pocket.

Please see the BA II PLUS family guidebooks for additional information.