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Solution 11221: Calculating Logarithms, Natural Logarithms, and Inverse Natural Logarithms on the BAII PLUS™ or the BAII PLUS™ PROFESSIONAL.

How are logarithms computed on the BAII PLUS or the BAII PLUS PROFESSIONAL?

The BA II PLUS and BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL do not feature a log base 10 function, since its functionality is intended for financial math purposes. Only natural logarithms (log base e) may be computed on this calculator (which are often used in stocks, statistics, and logarithmic regressions). The natural log is computed by inputting the number followed by the natural log key, which is labeled [LN].

Example: To calculate the natural log of 100:

1) Press [1] [0] [0].
2) Press [LN]. The screen will display 4.605.

The example below will demonstrate how to calculate inverse natural log of 0.5.

1) Press [.] [5].
2) Press [2ND] [ex]. The screen will display 1.64872.

A scientific calculator will need to be utilized in order to access other math functions that are not featured on these financial calculators.

Please see the BAII PLUS family guidebooks for additional information.