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Solution 11213: Performing Statistics Calculations Using the BA-35 Solar.

How do I perform statistics calculations using the BA-35 Solar?

The following example will demonstrate a statistics calculation using the BA-35 Solar.

Example: Values x={2, 3, 6, 8, 4} y={11, 9, 4, 1, 6}

a) What is the mean?
b) What is the population standard deviation?
c) What is the slope of the linear regression equation?
d) What is the y-intercept of the linear regression equation?
e) What is the correlation coefficient of the linear regression?
f) What is the y value at x=5?

• Press [MODE] until STAT is displayed on the screen.
• Input 2 [x<>y] 11 [S+]
• Input 3 [x<>y] 9 [S+]
• Input 6 [x<>y] 4 [S+]
• Input 8 [x<>y] 1 [S+]
• Input 4 [x<>y] 6 [S+]

Calculate the variables:
a) mean - Press [2nd] [Mean]
b) population standard deviation - Press [2nd] [Sxn]
c) slope - Press [2nd] [b/a]
d) y-intercept - Press [x<>y]
e) correlation coefficient - Press [2nd] [Corr]
f) y at x=5 - Press [5] [2nd] [y']

Please see the BA-35 Solar the Quick Reference Guide for additional information.