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Solution 11201: Calculating Future Value (FV) Using the BA-35 Solar Financial Calculator.

How do I calculate future value (FV) using my BA-35 Solar?

The example below will demonstrate how to calculate future value (FV) using the BA-35 Solar.

Example: What is the future value (FV) of a savings account in 20 years if the account currently contains $5,000 (PV) with an annual interest rate of 5% (%i)?

N = 20
%i = 5
PV = 5000
PMT = 0
FV = ?


• Press [2nd] [CMR] (this will clear the time value of money variables such as N, PV, etc).
• Press [5] [0] [0] [0] [PV] (this stores 5000 in the present value register).
• Press [5] [%i]  (this stores 5 in the interest per year register).
• Press [2] [0] [N] (this stores 20 in the number of payments register).
• Press [CPT] [FV] (this computes the future value).

The future value (FV) of the savings account is $13,266.49.

Please see the BA-35 Solar Quick Reference Guide for additional information.