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Solution 10329: Definition of the CBL 2™ Beep Sequences.

What is the meaning of the different beeping sounds made by the CBL 2?

The CBL 2 makes four kinds of sounds:

• A low tone followed by a high tone (low-to-high beep).
• A medium tone followed by another medium tone (medium-medium beep).
• A high tone followed by another high tone (high-high beep).
• A "tick" sound when a key is pressed.

The following explains when beep sequences normally occur and what the beep sequences mean:

• When the CBL 2 completes initialization, it will make the start up beep sequence: high beep, medium-medium beep, low-to-high beep (6 total beeps, plus LEDs light up in this order: red LED, yellow LED, and green LED).

• When the QUICK SETUP button is pressed:
*The CBL 2 will make the medium-medium beep if a sensor is attached to it.
*The CBL 2 will make the high-high beep if no sensors are attached to it.

• When the CBL 2 is connected to a calculator during sampling commands:
*The medium-medium beep sounds when initializing data collection.
*The medium-medium beep sounds when starting data collection (transition from pre-store to store).
*The medium-medium beep sounds when completing data collection.

Note: If the sampling timing causes the beeps to run together, the CBL 2 software may not sound all the beeps.

• When the CBL 2 is set for manual trigger and the START button is pressed, a medium-medium beep sounds.
• When the TRANSFER button is pressed, the low-to-high beep sounds when the transfer succeeds and the high-high beep sounds if the transfer fails.
• When an overcurrent condition is detected, five high-high beeps sound. (This causes an error, which causes even more beeps to sound.)
• When the CBL 2 begins a full self-test, three low-to-high beeps sound.
• When self-test completes, the low-to-high beep sounds if self-test passes and the high-high beep sounds if self-test fails.
• When the CBL 2's base code detects an error in the commands sent from the host, a high-high beep sounds twice.
• When the CBL 2 powers up, two high-high beeps sound if the base code is not loaded and three high-high beeps sound if the power-up self-test fails.
• During base code download, three high-high beeps sound when any errors occur. (The unit resets and then two high-high beeps sound.)

Please see the CBL 2 guidebook for additional information.