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Solution 14326: Troubleshooting a TI ViewScreen™ Panel That Will Not Display Properly.

How do I troubleshoot a TI ViewScreen Panel that will not display properly?

If a TI ViewScreen Panel will not display anything, check the following:

  • Ensure all connections are secure. Pay close attention to the connector on the panel as it plugs into the calculator… it should snap and click into place on both sides.
  • Ensure that the calculator is off when the panel is being connected. If it is not, the data connection will not be correctly synchronized.
  • If you are not using the AC Adapter, either use it, or make sure the batteries in the calculator are fresh. Without the AC 9201 adapter, the panel runs off of the calculator’s batteries.
  • Reinitialize the panel's connection by doing the following:
    • Disconnect the panel from the calculator.
    • Turn the calculator on.
    • Turn the calculator off.
    • Plug the panel into the calculator.
    • Turn the calculator on.
    • Adjust the gray contrast knob to comfortable viewing contrast.

If you require additional assistance please contact TI-Cares.