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Solution 16509: Collecting Data with the CBL 2™ Without a Calculator Connected.

Is it possible collect data with the CBL 2 without having a calculator connected?

The mode Non-Realtime allows data collection on the CBL without a calculator connected. The samples are taken and stored in the CBL 2 memory until all the data have been collected. The data can be sent to the calculator after the completion of the data collection. The quantity of data collected is not limited by the size of the calculator memory, but is limited by the size of the CBL 2 memory. A maximum of 12,000 samples can be collected in Non-Realtime.


All of the channels or multiple channels can be used in this mode. The sample time will be limited by the number and types of channels enabled. For a single channel, sampling can be as fast as 1E-4. A calculator is needed for setting up the sampling before the non-realtime collection. This can be done by sending commands to the CBL 2 or by creating a program that will set up specific CBL 2 operations. Below is an example of a program setting up temperature non-realtime data collection:





: ClrAllLists


: ClrHome


: Send( {0} )


: Send( {6, 4} )


: Send( {1, 1, 1} ) 


: Send( {3, .1, 100, 0} ) 


: Get( L2 )


: Get( L1 )


: Plot 1 (Scatter, L1, L2, . )


: ZoomStat

Please see the CBL 2  guidebook for additional information.