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Solution 13302: Collecting Motion Data Using The CBR™ (Calculator Based Ranger).

How can I use the CBR to collect data on the motion of an object?

Please see the below instructions for collecting data:

Example: Walk in front of a motion detector (CBR) to create a plot of distance as a function of time that will show constant velocity.

• Collecting the Data:

1. Set up the CBR on a table or other flat surface and connect it to the calculator.
2. Turn the calculator on and clear all lists by pressing [2ND] [MEM] and selecting 4: ClrAllists. Press [ENTER] and then check the lists.
3. Press [APPS] and choose CBL/CBR. Press [ENTER] and select 3: RANGER. Press [ENTER] again.
4. Choose 1: SETUP/SAMPLE.
Press [?] to move the cursor to each item, and then press [ENTER] to display other options. Put in the settings shown at the right.
5. Press [?] to move to the top of the menu.
6. Press [ENTER] to select START NOW.
7. Press [ENTER] again to begin collecting data. Starting at least 0.5 meter from the CBR, walk away. Try to walk at a constant speed while moving away from the CBR. There will be 5 seconds to walk away from the CBR at a constant speed.

Warning: When you press [ENTER], the CBR will start collecting data. There will be a clicking sound as the data is collected and the message TRANSFERRING is displayed on the calculator.

A graph that represents the distance-time scatter plot of the motion will display on the calculator screen. The graph should be a straight line if moving at a constant speed away from the CBR.

8. If not satisfied with the graph, press [ENTER] and choose REPEAT SAMPLE from the PLOT MENU and conduct the experiment again.

If satisfied with the graph, press [ENTER] and choose DISTANCE- TIME to see the graph again.

9. When finished, press [ENTER] and choose QUIT from the PLOT MENU. This exits the RANGER program.