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Solution 17869: Describing the Type of Plastics that Make up Texas Instruments Calculators, Slide Cases, and Rubber feet

What types of plastics are Texas Instruments calculators, slides cases, and rubber feet made of?

The plastic case and slide cover materials of Texas Instruments calculators are made from either ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) or polycarbonate.

Certain models have decorative finishes that include anodized aluminum or acrylic paint or have pigmentation added to the plastics during forming to create different colors.

The clear overlays protecting the displays are typically made of polycarbonate, while the color graphing calculators feature shatter-resistant clear acrylic overlays for better transparency.

Important: Texas Instruments products do not contain natural rubber latex, the type that can cause an allergic reaction. Texas Instruments products do contain man-made (synthetic) elastomers in the form of molded rubber feet.

Please note: TI calculators do not contain substances listed as harmful in California’s Proposition 65. For more information, visit Solution 40351: Statement on California Proposition 65.

For any additional questions regarding your Texas Instruments calculator, please contact TI-Cares.