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Solution 16309: Details Surrounding the VST Apps Calculator Program from Vernier Software & Technology.

What are the details surrounding the VST Apps Calculator Program from Vernier Software & Technology?

The VST App is an application that performs specialized data collection with the TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus family, LabPro and CBL 2™ devices. It is a wrapped application that includes the following specialty programs:

• DataMatch:

Used with the Motion Detector. The program presents distance vs. time and velocity vs. time graphs, and challenges students to match the graph.

• DataGate:

Used to collect data with photogates or Smart Pulleys™.

• DataRad:

Used with the Student Radiation Monitor and the Radiation Monitor to monitor nuclear radiation. A variety of data collection modes are supported.

• DataRotary:

Used with the Vernier, Pasco or Team Labs rotary motion sensors. It supports a variety of collection modes including simultaneous analog and rotary sensor data collection. It also has a number of analysis features.

• DataDrop:

Used with the Vernier Drop Counter. It is useful for automating titration or equivalence point experiments.

• FunctGen:

Allows the calculator to command a LabPro interface to behave like an analog function generator. This program only works with LabPro and requires LabPro operating system 6.22.

Note: None of these program can be loaded into the RAM of the calculator. If the program was previously installed on the calculator as a standalone program, delete it before using the VST Apps application.