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Solution 11889: Permission for Copying ROM Code From Texas Instruments Calculators to the Computer.

Do I need TI's permission to copy the ROM code from my calculator to my computer?

The software contained in the TI calculator's ROM memory is protected under copyright. The provisions of the copyright act allow calculator owners to keep one copy of the ROM code in any format, but only for archive purposes. Copies of the ROM code may not be decompiled, disassembled, or distributed any. Also, if the ownership of the calculator ceases, then the copy made of the ROM must be destroyed.

Texas Instruments realizes that the need may arise to use a copy of the ROM code with 3rd party emulator products. Texas Instruments does not authorize such use except under the terms of the  license. Under the Software Development Kit license calculator owners are permitted to copy the ROM to use an emulator for program debugging purposes, provided the ROM code copied from the calculator exists only on one machine. If an owner wanted to copy the ROM to distribute via a network, the owner would be in violation of the copyright act, and subject to possible legal action.

Please Note: Texas Instruments does not provide any utilities or programs to copy the ROM code from the calculator, nor does Texas Instruments offer support for copying the ROM code. If you need to make a copy of the ROM code it would be necessary to use third party utilities or programs.

For more information on copyright laws, please check visit the third party site for the United States Copyright Office.