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Solution 11548: RJ-11( RJ11) Adapter for the Calculator-Based Laboratory™ (CBL™) and CBL™ 2.

What is the RJ-11 (RJ11) adapter and how is it used?

The original Vernier MD-ULI motion detector was equipped with a RJ-11 (US Phone jack) connector, which is not a standard port located on the CBL and CBL 2. To accommodate this type of connection the CBL RJ-11 adapter was manufactured. This adapter has a standard US telephone jack (RJ-11) on one end and the CBL sonic port BT (British Telecom) connector on the other end.

NOTE: This adapter will ONLY plug into the CBL sonic port. There was NO version of this adapter manufactured to plug into the other CBL ports (CH1,2,3).