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Solution 11348: MathWorlds Application Packages Curriculum Content.

What topics are covered in the MathWorlds Application packages?

MathWorlds enables students to learn through exploration of animated worlds and dynamic graphs. The worlds present moving objects and characters in a variety of settings, such as elevators in a building or duckies on a pond. Manipulable graphs control the motion of these characters and their interaction with their simulated environment. By solving challenges with these characters and graphs, students encounter and build calculus concepts as well as other important mathematics, including the arithmetic of signed numbers, fractions, and ratios, and geometric ideas such as slope, similarity and especially area.

Packages 1 and 2 are designated as review materials and may be skipped if desired. Package 3 can be considered as the starting point.

The following is a brief description of what the different packages:

Package 1: slopes, linear functions and equations
Package 2: integers, equations, rates, and averages
Package 3: excitement lessons for Pre-Algebra
Package 4: math of motion ideas underlying Calculus
Package 5: math of motion ideas underlying advanced Calculus
Package 6: MathWorlds authoring resources for Pre-Algebra and Algebra I
Package 7: MathWorlds assessment resources for Packages 1-5.

In addition, SimCalc MathWorlds™ works as a device app on its own or in conjunction with a parallel version of the software (see to connect students' work together using the TI-Navigator™ wireless system.

Please see model of calculator for MathWorlds Package applications for additional information.