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Solution 10326: Comparing the CBL 2™ to Vernier's LabPro®.

How does the CBL 2 compare to the Vernier LabPro?

Some of the similarities and differences are as follows:

• Casing (physical appearance)
• Buttons
• Graphing calculator Cradle
• Built-in user program for Texas Instruments graphing calculators (DataMate)
• Flash Memory
• Support for stand-alone use

Vernier LabPro is designed for use with either computers, Palm® hanheld, or Texas Instruments graphing calculators
CBL 2 is designed primarily to interface with TI graphing calculators
• LabPro has 4 analog channels and 2 digital/sonic
• CBL 2 has 3 analog channels and 1 digital/sonic
• LabPro has an analog output channel, while the CBL 2 does not
• CBL 2 has a 10 bit resolution, while the LabPro has 12 bit
• CBL 2 requires a TI Connectivity cable to transfer data to and from the computer. The TI Connectivity cable is available separately
• LabPro comes with both a serial cable and a USB cable.