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Solution 13500: NavNet Application Displays the Error Message "Communication Failed", Misses a Transfer or Performs Slowly While Using TI-Navigator™ 3.0/3.1 and Higher.

NavNet displays a communication failed error, misses a transfer, orperforms slowly. How can I correct the problems?


• Slow response within NavNet.

• Communication failed error from NavNet.

• Missed Quick Polls.

• Missed forces transfers.

• Missing Activity Data.

• Calculator screen goes blank and unresponsive during Screen Capture.


Communication has been disrupted between the students' calculator and the TI-Navigator system.


Check and try the following:

• Use only the cradles or connectivity cables that came with the TI-Navigator system. The connectivity cables have a special ferrite ring at either end to prevent radiof requency interference.

• Make sure the batteries in the calculator are fresh. NOTE: The calculator will not display the "Battery Low" warning while NavNet is running.

• Make sure the student is in the NavNet or Learning Check applications. Other applications may take up 100% calculator resource usage or may prevent communication altogether.

• Try again. Most of the communication errors can be resolved by simply trying again. If part of the activity data is missing, try leaving Activity Center and re-entering. Missed Quick Polls cannot be retrieved except by stopping and re-starting the poll.

• Ensure that the student does not repeatedly press keys during sending or receiving screens. Tasks which require repeat key presses, such as adjusting the contrast, have been known to cause communication disruptions.

• Ensure that the student is not in the "Transfers" or "Send to Teacher" screens. These screens will take the calculator's full attention and will prevent it from communication until items have been selected and the transfer option has been selected.

If none of the solutions above resolve the communication issues when using the NavNet application, please contact TI-Navigator Technical Support at 1-866-TI-NAVIGATOR (1-866-846-2844) or submit the TI Cares™ Customer Assistance form to contact via e-mail.