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Solution 11619: Troubleshooting an Organizer that Will Not Turn On.

How can I troubleshoot an organizer that will not turn on?

If an organizer does not turn on, try the following procedures:

1) Adjust the contrast.

• Turn the unit on.
• Press the [Options] key.
• Press either [1] or [Enter]
• Use the up and down arrows (single arrow) to adjust the contrast to a level where the user can comfortably read the screen.
• Press [Enter] or [Save] to store the setting.

2) Try replacing the batteries with new ones (Adjust the contrast if necessary).

3) Try resetting the organizer (By resetting the organizer ALL data will be lost and the unit will be completely reset to factory defaults).

To reset a PS-6000 series organizer:

• Turn the unit off.
• Press and hold the Enter, Carriage Return, and [P] keys.
• While holding the three keys down turn the unit on.
• Release the keys and turn the unit off.
• Once the unit is off, press the [On/Off] key.

To reset a PocketMate series organizer:

• Turn the organizer Off.
• Hold down the [.] key on the QWERTY keyboard, hold down the [P] key, and hold down the [.] key on the numeric keypad.
• While holding all three keys, turn the organizer on.
• Release the keys, turn the organizer off and then back on.