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Solution 10321: Troubleshooting Error Message TI-Navigator Network Unavailable Using the TI-Navigator™ Software.

Why does my computer display TI-Navigator Network Unavailable when I attempt to use TI- Navigator software?

The message TI-Navigator Network Unavailable is displayed when the TI-Navigator software cannot locate the appropriate network hardware (for example, an access point and one or more hubs). Follow the troubleshooting tips provided below to resolve this issue.

Check the physical hardware connections to ensure that they are secure.  If all of the connections are secure, then the TI-Navigator Type I Access Point (RoamAbout Access Point) should have the right 2 LEDs on solid, while the TI-Navigator Type II Access Point (Texas Instruments AP-201) should have a solid green Link LED and a solid green Power LED.

Check to ensure that the TI Navigator hubs are charged, powered, and active. TI-Navigator Type I hubs should display a blinking green (on battery power) or solid green (connected to the AC-9930 adapter) Status LED in its proper operating state. TI-Navigator Type II hubs will display a blinking green (good charge), blinking amber(partial charge), solid green (fully changed and connected to the AC-9925 adapter), or alternating red/green/amber (if charging in the Charging Bay or connected to the AC-9925 adapter) Battery LED; and should have a blinking green Activity LED.  For more information on TI-Navigator hub LED indicators, please see page 47 of the TI-Navigator Installation Guide.

If the message continues to be displayed, open TI Network Manager to ensure the network hardware is properly configured. Information on troubleshooting items in Network Manager can be found in the TI-Navigator Installation Guide, beginning on page 49.