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Solution 10667: How to View Order History and Track an Order on the TI Online Store

How can I view order history and track my order that I made at the TI Online Store?

Orders placed at the TI Online Store can be tracked by following the instructions provided below:

1) Visit the TI Online Store
2) Select the site that matches your country.
3) Click on [Sign In].
4) Enter user name and password and select [SUBMIT].
5) Select Orders at the top of the page.
6) Choose to view your orders created in the last X days by using the drop down or enter a date range and click GO. You may also enter the order number, if known.
7) Click on Details to view the tracking information for the order number listed in the left-hand column.

Please Note: To search orders by dates, use the calendar to enter the date or type in dates in this format: 31-DEC-2005.