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Solution 15082: Changing the Class Name and Class Type of a Created Class Using the TI-Navigator™ Software.

How can I change the name of a created class using my TI-Navigator software or change a TI-73 class to a TI-83 Family/TI-84 Family class?

To change the name of a created class and class type in the TI-Navigator software, please follow the steps listed below.

• With the TI Navigator software open, click "File" and choose "Add Class".
• Type in the proper name and select the appropriate class type for the class and click OK.
• Select the mis-named class using the class selector.
• Select all of the students by either dragging to select, or by clicking one student and then pressing CTRL + A to select all.
• Click "Edit" and choose "Copy".
• Using the class selector, select the correctly named class.
• Click "Edit" and choose "Paste" to paste the students into the new class.

To remove the mis-named class, select it using the class selector, and then click "File" and choose "Remove Class"

Please see the TI-Navigator documentation for additional information.