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Solution 12781: Taking Screenshots of Cabri™ Jr. App Screens Using TI-Navigator™.

Can I take screenshots of Cabri Jr. in TI-Navigator?

Cabri Jr.1.x had problems taking a screen capture from within TI-Navigator. Many of these problems have been fixed in Cabri Jr. 2.0. It is now possible to get a screen capture in TI-Navigator from Cabri Jr. anytime except for when a figure is being animated.

In order to take a screenshot follow the directions below:

First click on NavNet.

Next enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD then click [F1].

Next exit out of NavNet by pressing [F5] and then enter Cabri Jr.

Once you are inside Cabri Jr. you can take screenshots within Cabri Jr. as long as it is not being animated.

Please see the TI-Navigator documentation for additional information.