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Solution 40318: Girls Scouts of America TI Technology Loan Program

What is the Girl Scouts TI Technology Loan Program?

This program is intended for Girl Scout Juniors/Guides and above in the US and Canada and subject to availability.

Girl Scouts Juniors/Guides and above, can borrow TI technology and even have a TI expert lead Girl Scouts through a STEM or coding experience to complete a badge!

Troop leaders and Council Program Managers can contact their local Education Technology Consultant (ETC) to schedule a STEM experience for their Girl Scouts troops, either virtual or in-person. For questions about the Girls Scouts calculator loan program, or for help choosing and implementing the right TI technology for your troop, you can also contact your local ETC.

For more details about the program visit our BulleTIn Board Blog at

To request a loan, please fill out the request form available at

For questions about using your TI technology, contact TI-Cares.