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Solution 17191: Replacing the Ink Roller in a TI-5032 Printing Calculator.

How can I replace the ink roller in a TI-5032 printing calculator?

The ink roller in a TI-5032 can be replaced by following the steps below:

1. Turn the calculator off.
2. Open the printer compartment by pushing the plastic tear window where it is marked.
3. Remove the ink roller by gently pushing back the raised tab on the ink roller and then lifting the ink roller out of the compartment.
4. Place the new ink roller into the compartment so that the hole in the ink roller aligns with the pin compartment. Gently press the ink roller down until it snaps into place.
5. Replace the printer compartment cover.

Note: Never attempt to refill or otherwise restore an old ink roller. This may damage the printing mechanism.

Please reference the TI-5032 online guidebook for additional information.