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Solution 10295: TI-Navigator™ Type I Access Point LED Pattern Summary.

How can I verify from the LED patterns the operational status of the TI-Navigator Type I Access Point?

The TI-Navigator Access Point reports its status using certain patterns of its Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Use the following table to determine the status from the LED patterns, verify the most likely cause and take possible corrective actions.

LED Table Legend

OnLED OnoffLED OffConstant blinkingLED blinks constantRandom blinkingLED blinks randomly

LED Legend

offoffoffoffoffNo Power. Check the power connections

offConstant blinkingConstant blinkingoffConstant blinkingDiagnostic failed. Access point automatically resets after one minute.

Random blinkingRandom blinkingoffOnOnAccess Point ready. Normal operating mode.

Random blinkingRandom blinkingoffoffonAccess Point is waiting. No action required.

Random blinkingRandom blinkingRandom blinkingOnOnAccess Point is occassionally saturated (backlogged) with data moving across the AP. No action required.

offConstant blinkingoffConstant blinkingConstant blinkingCannot communicate with the network. Verify that the Radio Card is properly inserted.

offoffConstant blinkingConstant blinkingConstant blinkingCannot communicate with the wired network. Verify that the Ethernet cable is properly connected.

offConstant blinkingConstant blinkingConstant blinkingConstant blinkingCannot communicate with the wireless or wired network.

Please see the TI-Navigator documentation for additional information.