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Solution 10273: Losing TI-Navigator™ Wireless Hub / AP Association Because of Interference by other Electronic devices.

Can my TI-Navigator system receive wireless interference by other electronic devices operating in close proximity?

The TI-Navigator System can receive wireless interference from other electronic devices that operate in the 2.4 GHz band. These devices may cause enough interference to affect the performance of the TI-Navigator system. Examples of potential sources of 2.4 GHz band interference include Bluetooth® technology devices, microwave ovens, other wireless networks, 2.4 GHz cordless phones, and other wireless devices (e.g. wireless PC-to-TV video converters) operating in close proximity.

If interference is suspected, see if the interfering device can be changed to a different channel. TI-Navigator by default operates on channel 11 as defined by the 802.11b specification (i.e. 2.426 to 2.448 GHz). If another 802.11b wireless LAN is suspected of interfering, see if it can be changed to another channel that will not interfere such as 1 or 6.

Please Note: Only use network channels 1, 6 and 11 when changing modifying channels to avoid network interference. These channels are the only main channels. All other channels not listed will actually interfere with the main channels, for example channel 3 will overlap network space from both 1 and 6 since it resides in-between these channels and uses network space from both.

Other devices may have channel options that do not abide by the 802.11b channel numbering convention. If they do, try to pick a channel that does not overlap with the 2.426 to 2.448 GHz range.

For other devices suspected of interfering, see if they can be powered down while the TI-Navigator system is in use or, if possible, moved out of range from the TI-Navigator system. When trying to locate interfering devices, keep in mind that they may not be located in the same room as the TI-Navigator system. Be sure to check in adjacent rooms or in rooms immediately above or below the TI-Navigator classroom.

TI-Navigator has been tested in the presence of other wireless networks and infrastructure access points. Tests have revealed that even while other wireless networks are on the same channel, minimal performance degradation is seen under typical use scenarios. Other wireless network clients may detect the TI-Navigator access point but cannot associate nor communicate with it, even if operating on the same channel.

If you require additional assistance please contact TI-Cares.