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Solution 10268: Functions Supported in TI-Navigator™ Activity Center.

Is there a limit to the functions supported in TI-Navigator Activity Center?

There are the specific functions that can be entered into the Y= (or X=) equation input in the Activity Center. These are case sensitive.

• sin(
• cos(
• tan(
• Arcsin(
• Arccos(
• Arctan(
• sinh(
• cosh(
• tanh(
• Arcsinh(
• Arccosh(
• Arctanh(
• sqrt(
• abs(
• int(
• ln(
• exp(
• log(
• rand
• PI
• e

If functions are entered that are not found on this list, or are entered with improper case, a Syntax Error will be returned asking to check equation syntax and the list of supported functions for proper usage.

Please see the TI-Navigator guidebook for additional information.