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Solution 10260: Definition of LED Lights on a TI-Navigator™ Hub.

Can I tell anything about the battery by looking at the LED light on the TI-Navigator hub?

By knowing and understanding the Power-status LED colors and patterns displayed on the hub, valuable information can be known about the status of the battery and the hub.


The following table explains the meanings of the colors and patterns of the LED:

Color and PattenMeaning
Blinking greenPower on; Battery powered
Solid greenPower on; fully charged but powered by a changing bay or power adapter
Blinking yellowWaiting to charge while setting in the charging bay
Solid yellowCharging
Blinking redLow battery
Solid redReset (when reset held for up to 10 seconds)
OffVery low battery, network connector removed, or hub is asleep

Note: Table is also found on page 58 of the TI-Navigator Getting Started Guide

Please see the TI-Navigator documentation for more information on the usage.