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Solution 10253: Components of the TI-Navigator™ Classroom Learning System.

What is included in the TI-Navigator system?

TI-Navigator includes the following components:

Software Package

• TI-Navigator software - This comprehensive software package allows an educator to author curricular materials, send and receive information from student hand-held calculators, manage student work, and analyze student assessments using an easy to use wireless local area network. This package includes the following software applications:

TI-Navigator (includes: TI Navigator, NetworkManager and ClassAnalysis)

        • TI Connect™ (Installs First)
        • LearningCheck™ Creator
        • TI StudyCards™ Creator
        • TI NoteFolio™ Creator (includes Microsoft Word Plug-in)
        • TI CellSheet™ Converter (includes Microsoft Excel Plug-in)
        • TI TImeSpan™ Creator
        • Microsoft.netframework™
        • 1 TI InterActive!™ License

• TI Connect software - TI Connect computer software and TI Connectivity cables allow you to download and transfer data, upgrade Operating Systems, and install calculator applications (AppVars) to your graphing calculator easier than ever.

Calculator Device files - These applications allow students to do assignments on their calculator. Work can be done both on the TI-Navigator system and remotely. These applications include:

       • NavNet
       • navstk (begins with the theta character, is part of NavNet)
       • algact (begins with the theta character, is part of NavNet)
       • LearningCheck App
       • Device Operating Systems
       • CellSheet
       • NoteFolio
       • StudyCards

Hardware Package:

Hardware can be customized up to a class size of 40 students. Each classroom will receive at least three hardware kits. As classroom size requirements increase, additional student or individual kits may be purchased. The primary hardware kits consist of:

• TI-Navigator Student Kit - (16 student connections)
      • Four wireless hubs - Each hub connects four TI calculators to the wireless network.
      • Sixteen cradles - Connecting the student hand-held calculators (i.e. TI-83 Plus) to the wireless hubs
      • One charging bay - For conveniently recharging the four wireless hubs.
      • Four CBR clamps - Allows the wireless hubs to be clamped to student desktops or lab tables.

• Individual Kit - (Teacher's kit or 4 additional student connections)
      • One wireless hub - Connects four TI calculators to the wireless network.
      • A/C Power adapter - For conveniently recharging the wireless hub.
      • Four cradles - Connecting the teacher's (or four students') calculator(s) to the wireless hub.
      • One CBR clamp - Allows the wireless hub to be clamped to desk. 

• TI-Navigator Classroom Kit
      •Access Point (including a wireless radio card) - Facilitates data transfer between the wireless hubs and the classroom computer. 
      •USB ethernet adapter - Facilitates data transfer between the access point and the classroom computer.
      •TI Connectivity Cable (Silver Edition) TI Connectivity cables work with TI Connect software to enable connections between TI calculators and a computer. Can also use to test and view assessments created with LearningCheck Creator when developing class resources.
      •Two TI-Navigator CDs - Two CDs are included with each system; one for school's technical administration and one for the teacher to use at home or in the classroom.
      •User Documentation - With each system a Getting Started Guide, Quick Start Reference Fold-out Card along with an electronic User's manual on the TI-Navigator CD is included.