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Expressions and Equations / Solving Equations

Grade Level 6,7,8
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In this lesson students draw upon tools learned in previous work and focus on making strategic choices in solving linear equations.

Planning and Resources

Students should be able to solve a linear equation of the form \(ax+b = cx+d\) and interpret the solution in terms of the equation or context as well as recognize when one solution strategy might be more efficient than another

linear equation

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Lesson Snapshot


This lesson allows students to deepen their understanding of solution strategies for equations in one variable.

What to look for

Students may be challenged when looking for solution pathways that are non-routine.

Sample Assessment

Which equation has the same solution as \(4-2(x-5)=x-19\)?

a. \(2(x+5)=-8\)
b. \(3(x-3 )=9\)
c. \(x+2=2x-3\)
d. \(3x-4= 2x+7\)

Answer: d. \(3x-4=2x+7\)

The Big Idea

Solving linear equations with rational number coefficients can combine a variety of methods.

What are the students doing?

Students solve equations by a variety of solution strategies and compare solution pathways based on elegance and efficiency.

What is the teacher doing?

Encourage students to explore solution pathways they might not have initially seen in order to develop flexibility in solving equations.