Education Technology

Laws of Exponents

Activity Overview

This activity involves using TI InterActive!™ as well as TI-Navigator™. Students learn the laws of exponents and have to explain them on the lab.

Before the Activity

This activity requires LearningCheck™ Creator Software. To download the software please visit: LearningCheck
Make copies of the student handout.

During the Activity

The first day of this activity involves using TI-InterActive!, and the handout as a discovery learning lab. Students use a math box and type in each problem, and the software will give the answer. The main grade for the lab is given for students' answers to the questions.
They must analyze the question, and the answer and determine how the answer was obtained. Then they must put their thoughts into complete sentences for an explanation.
The second day involves the use of TI-Navigator. The teacher can give several questions as a review with Quick Poll, and then give the LearningCheck Quiz

After the Activity

A culminating activity is the LearningCheck file that gives a quiz on the laws of exponents. It could be given the day after the lab, or the day before a test on the same material. Be sure to go over the answers with the class using the PowerPoint file. Students gain such great insight through those quick reviews!