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  • Subject Area

    • Math: Algebra I: Linear Functions
    • Science: Biology: Ecology
    • Science: Chemistry: Energy and Matter
    • Math: Math General: General
    • Other Subjects: Social Studies: Social Studies - General

  • Author

    Helen Atkins-Kurtz

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  • Activity Time

    1 Hours

  • Device
    • TI-73 Explorer™
    • TI-83 Plus Family
  • Other Materials
    A video or DVD copy of the episode "Harvest" from the TI/CBS produced show NUMB3RS. The GVO provided and an associated lesson plan from the NUMB3RS web site.
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Guided Video Organizer - Harvest

Activity Overview

This activity uses the TI/CBS produced show NUMB3RS episode Harvest to create a mathematical learning environment with an associated lesson and a newly created Guided Video Organizer (GVO) to upload at this link.

Before the Activity

Prepare a copy of the episode "Harvest" from the TI/CBS show NUMB3RS for viewing. Provide each student with a copy of the guided video organizer (GVO) and the student handout from the associated lesson plans for this episode available at: CBS - NUMB3RS

During the Activity

Use the GVO format to encourage students to write responses during the commercial set slots. Smaller steps for answering questions seem to promote deeper mathematical thinking. Allow mathematical discussion that is promoted via the GVO for further cementation of the concepts presented during the show.

After the Activity

Review provided answers with students' discourse encouraged. Extension/Addition (time period provided in lessons): Use an associated lesson plan for this episode provided by TI/CBS at: CBS - NUMB3RS