Education Technology

TI-Nspire TAKS 2009 released question analysis

Activity Overview

The TNS files contain various TAKS questions containing hints for students to answer with the TI-Nspire handheld. There are 8 Exit level, 8 10th grade, and 7 9th grade questions. These questions come from the 2009 released TAKS test.

For each question, there is an Nspire .tns file for students and a solution file for teachers to use to guide their students' work. These files assume the Nspire Press-to-Test feature is activated.

Before the Activity

Download any of the attaced TNS files for the student and solution files for the teacher that are desired. The teacher may want to have an overview of the student TNS file before assigning it to the students.

After the Activity

Here are the 10th grade files.