Education Technology

NCTE: Making Predictions

Activity Overview

Students will watch their movie sequels and complete the "Making Predictions" graphic organizer. Note that each student completes the major work of Activity 2 on his or her own time.

Before the Activity

See the attached Activity PDF file for detailed instructions for this activity.

Print the appropriate pages from the Activity for your class.

Install the NoteFolio™ App on the students' graphing calculators following the attached instructions.

Each student will determine the release date of his/her movie sequel. This information will help you determine a deadline for each student.

During the Activity

  • Distribute the appropriate pages from the Activity to your class
  • Distribute the NoteFolio file(s) to your class using TI Connect™ and the appropriate TI Connectivity cable
  • Follow the procedures outlined in the Activity

  • Students will:
  • Extend the literal meaning of a text by making inferences, and evaluate the significance and validity of texts in light of prior knowledge and experience.
  • Select, summarize, paraphrase, analyze, and evaluate, orally and in writing, passages of texts chosen for specific purposes.
  • Develop criteria to evaluate literary merit and explain critical opinions about a text, either informally in conversation or formally in a well-organized speech or essay.
  • Explain how details of language, setting, plot, character, conflict, point of view, and voice in a work of literature combine to produce a dominant tone, effect, or theme.
  • Compose and publish analytic and reflective writing that conveys knowledge, experience, insights, and opinions to an intended audience.
  • Develop and deliver a speech that conveys information and ideas in a logical fashion for a selected audience, using language that clarifies and reinforces meaning.
  • After the Activity

    Students will use the "Making Predictions" (PREDICT.8xv) graphic organizer as the basis for a reflective essay detailing the movie-watching experience and the assessment of predictions.